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Christian L. from Tampa, Florida - Coilover Store

Adam Race-Consulting has to be one of the BEST vendors I’ve EVER dealt with. He, out of his own pocket paid for shipping to get me that last rim so that my vacation goes off without a hitch!!!!!! THANK YOU ADAM SOOOOOOO MUCH MAN!!!!!! He stands behind his company and takes 100% care of the customers needs before his own needs. Now he could have said “hey I need to wait for them to verify this and that ….” but no, he sent me the rim 2nd day air on his dime. If ANYONE needs anything PERFORMANCE related you would be doing yourself a disservice by not going with Adam. I am a hard person to make happy when it comes to things like this, usually takes a fight and screaming and an all out war. I was ready for that but to my surprise he dealt with it way better than I could have imagined. Now to get those last two mounted without issues and i’ll be golden! Thanks again Adam Race Consulting!!!! ( Enkei RPF1 18×10.5 5×114.3 15mm Offset Matte Black Wheels )