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What are SWIFT Springs?

SWIFT Springs for STANCE Coilovers

Swift Springs are fairly new to the performance market and managed to make a big name for themselves very quickly. To make sense of why they are so popular, we have listed the benefits and advantages below thanks to our knowledge, Swift’s article and  BC Racing‘s recent article.

Swift’s main goal with their product line is summarized in 4 points:

  1. The most consistent spring rate throughout the stroke
  2. The largest amount of stroke
  3. The highest durability against loss of spring height
  4. The lightest in weight

Swift Spring Technical Advantages

  • Swift proprietary material along with advanced cold winding process allows Swift springs to be manufactured using a thinner wire diameter with fewer coils making the springs the lightest magnetic metal springs available on the market. They are typically about 30% lighter compared to a conversion spring.
  • Industry leading stroke, Swift springs feature the widest range of travel of any conventional metric Coilover spring available.
  • Swift Metric Coilover springs feature the highest linearity of any spring out there. Along with the widest stroke range possible, the springs stay linear throughout MORE of the usable stroke range compared to anything else out there. Swift guarantees the spring rate accuracy to be +/- 2% within the advertised spring rate!
  • Swift Metric Coilover springs come with a limited lifetime warranty against spring sag.
  • Industry leading spring response. Swifts superior spring compression speed responds much quicker over undulating road surfaces so the tires have a lesser tendency to skip. This enables the tire to stay in contact with the road, improving traction and helps keep tire temperatures down.
  • You can go up 2K from current rate you have with a conventional spring and retain same ride quality.
  • Your ride will be smoother and perform better with a lowered car compared with a standard spring on most types of coilovers.

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